Richard Le

The Borg are coming. You are the captain of the Starship USS Enterprise-E. It's up to you to stop the Borg from taking over the Earth. Are you up to the task?


The Queen ship will only appear after level five, and she has tremendous fire power. Her shots are much more accurate and will cause greater damage than those from the other Borg ships. Photon torpedo will home in on the first Borg ship that appeared on the screen, except the Queen. You only get one torpedo per level, so use it wisely. Your shield will sustain minimal damage if you collide with asteroids, so it's better to focus on avoiding the enemies' shots. However, in order to advance to the next level, you must clear all the asteroids on the screen. An extra ship will be awarded every 10,000 points. Good luck.

© 2014 Richard Le - written entirely in AS3 using OOP